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Selection of various SCSI hard drives including 18G, 36G or 73G; 7.2k or 10k or 15k rpm in speed; Manufacturers by IBM, Seagate, Maxtor, etc.
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Item Detail   Item Detail  


Seagate is the disc drive market leader and features the broadest range of disc drives, with interface options of ATA, Serial ATA (SATA), Ultra320 SCSI, and Fibre Channel. This comprehensive line of disc drives include products for both commercial and consumer desktop markets, high performance PCs and workstations, the expanding consumer electronics market, notebook computing and the entry-level server and mission-critical application segments. The Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 Plus SATA 160G (8M) disc drive also won the "Best Value Product" award in CBI group's Family Computer's annual IT product survey and China Popular Computer World's "Recommended Product" award. In addition, Seagate was recognized by (Top Market Share award), (2003 Fist Choice for Hard Disc Drive), (2003 readers' choice), PC DIY (2003 Most Popular Brand).

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Model Number:

JJWEI Item No.:

Price: $189.00

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Package Contents:
  • bare drive only

Item Condition:

     New OEM

Product Description/Specifications   Product Description/Specifications  

Technical Specifications
Model number ST318436LC
Model Name Barracuda 18XL
Form Factor(width) 3.5"
Form Factor(height) low-profile
  Physical Specifications
Height 25.4 mm
Width 101.6 mm
Length 146.05 mm
Weight 0.68 kg
Formatted Capacity 18.4 Gbytes, formatted
Interface Type 80-pin
  Transfer Rates  
Internal Transfer Rate (min) 195 Mbits/sec
Internal Transfer Rate (max) 315 Mbits/sec
Formatted Int Transfer Rate (min) 18.500000 Mbits/sec
Formatted Int Transfer Rate (max) 29.400000 Mbits/sec
External (I/O) Transfer Rate (max) 160 MBytes/sec
Avg Formatted Transfer Rate 23.9 MBytes/sec
  Seek Times  
Average Seek Time, Read 5.8 msec typical
Average Seek Time, Write 6.3 msec typical
Track-to-Track Seek, Read 0.5 msec typical
Track-to-Track Seek, Write 0.5 msec typical
Full Disc Seek, Read 10.3 msec typical
Full Disc Seek, Write 10.8 msec typical
Average Latency 4.17 msec
Default Buffer (cache) Size 2,048 Kbytes
Spindle Speed 7200 RPM
Spinup Time 25 sec
Power-on to Ready Time 15 sec
Number of Discs (physical) 3
Number of Heads (physical) 6
Total Cylinders 14,384
Total Tracks 431,528,630
Bytes Per Sector 512
Areal Density (Mbits/sq in) 5,956 Mbits/square inch
Track Density (TPI) 18,145 tracks/inch
Recording Density (BPI, max) 328,272 bits/inch
Sectors/Track (avg) 426
Bytes/Track (avg) 218,112
  Recording Components  
Recording Method EPRML
  Electrical Requirements
Typical Current (12VDC +/- 5%) 0.6 amps
Startup Current (12VDC +/- 5%) 0.7 amps
Typical Current (5VDC +/- 5%) 0.9 amps
Startup Current (5VDC +/- 5%) 1.1 amps
Idle Power (typ) 6.9 watts
  Environmental Specifications
  Shock and Vibration  
Max Operating Shock (11-msec) 15 Gs
Max Nonoperating Shock (11-msec) 150 Gs
Operating Vibration (max) 1.1 Gs
Nonoperating Vibration (max) 2.5 Gs
  Temperature and Humidity  
Operating Temperature (max) 55 deg C
Operating Temperature (min) 5 deg C
Nonoperating Temperature (max) 70 deg C
Nonoperating Temperature (min) -40 deg C
Operating Temperature Change (max) 20 deg C/hr
Nonoperating Temperature Change (max) 25 deg C/hr
Operating Humidity (max) 95 percent
Nonoperating Humidity (max) 95 percent
Operating Humidity Change (max) 10 percent per hour
Operating Wet Bulb Temp (max) 28 deg C
Operating Altitude (max) 3,000 m
Operating Altitude (min) -300 m
Nonoperating Altitude (max) 12,200 m
Nonoperating Altitude (min) -300 m
Acoustics, Idle (sound power, typ) 3.5 Bels
MTBF (Hours) 1,200,000 hours
Recoverable Read Errors 10 per 1011 bits read
Nonrecoverable Read Errors 1 per 1016 bits read
Seek Errors 1 per 108 bits read
Supports S.M.A.R.T. Yes
Service Life 5 year(s)


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Seagate Cheetah ST373307LC 73GB SCSI U320 New with Warranty
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